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Medical Equipments

Okto is one of the most reasonable

companies for respiratory products.​

​We have Bipap, Cpap, Spirometer

Oxygen concentrator, ICU Ventilators along with its breathing circuit and

Vented Masks.

With the cost of machine going up and the lack of on time service and maintanance its is always a good idea to pick machines from us. We have well serviced and disinfected machines available through out the clock.

Okto deals with brand new and also refurbished imported respiratory care devices with warranty for a hassel free experience.

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Sleep Study

​We take your sleep issue Seriously. Sleep Apnea can cause serious illness to issues that take out the joy of living. A night of bad sleep will lead to a sleepy and unproductive day. 

Sleep apnea leads to serious cardiac issues, strokes and various other disorders if left unattended.

Snoring also affects your partner and their sleep which in turn leads to  family issues.


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We take care of your healthcare needs seriously

Medical Worker

Healthcare at home

Okto is one of the most reasonable

companies for respiratory products.​

​We have Bipap, Cpap, Spirometer

Oxygen concentrator along with its

Breathing circuit and Vented Masks.

Okto also takes care of end to end home healthcare issues from step down ICU's & live remote monitoring. We work together

with your Doctor to make sure the patient gets the most effective treatment at home.

With our in house Doctors, Nurses and physio you do not have to worry about anything.  We will handle it all.

Health consultation


Our Patient care bands are manufactured by keeping patient safety in mind, they are innovative and economical to meet the needs of today's highly competitive world.

Throughout the healthcare industry there is a need to save nursing hours and at the same time maintain perfect hygiene. Okto deals with many other Patient care products such as Wet wipes, Underpads, Adult diapers, disposable products for patient care.

We make sure the the quality is supreme and will match up to international standards

We also have world class German disinfaction products and ULV fogger specially designed for disinfection of critical area.

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