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Patient Identification Bands

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Patient Identification is a must for all NABH hospitals and for hospitals that are in the process of NABH also other accreditation. They are also a very strategic move to improve hospital standards and gain patients’ confidence and attention. Patient Identification is encouraged and its implementation is stressed by the W.H.O as well.

Throughout the healthcare industry, the failure to correctly identify patients continues to result in medication errors, transfusion errors, testing errors, wrong person procedures, and the discharge of infants to the wrong families. The major areas where incorrect patient identification can occur include drug administration, phlebotomy, blood transfusions, and surgical interventions. All of which are controllable, the introduction of Patient identification tags will control and reduce errors in healthcare and is economical at the same time.


  • Tear resistant

  • Moisture resistant

  • Water resistant

  • Skin friendly

  • Adult & Pediatric sizes

  • Customization based on order quantity

  • Writable material

  • Economy packing

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